What is this?

This is the COVID-19 TrialsTracker, part of our larger TrialsTracker.net project. Here we will bring together structured, cleaned data from clinical trial registries on studies of COVID-19 and track the availability of their results. Currently, we get our trial data from the ICTRP which holds structured data from 18 individual trial registries including ClinicalTrials.gov, updated weekly or monthly depending on the registry. We may collect additional information directly from certain registries over time.

Initial data on COVID-19 trials was published as part of the Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service

This service is a work in progress. We hope to iterate, expand, and improve the Tracker in the coming days, weeks, and months as time and resources allow.

How does this all work?

Each week we download the ICTRP COVID-19 dataset and run it through some code to clean up and standardise the data. We then add additional information on the interventions involved in each study, assess for cross-registration, add information on any results we know about, make some basic data visualisations, and then post it all online as a free resource for anyone to view or use!

A few notes about the data:

Can I use your data for...?

Yes! No need to even ask. Our dataset, and everything else about this project, is fully open and available for anyone to grab and use for their own purposes. Attribution is of course appreciated. If you do find our data useful and do something amazing with it, please share it back! We are excited to see what people can do!

Who made this?

The TrialsTracker project is run by the Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science at the University of Oxford. The COVID-19 TrialsTracker is maintained by a team of researchers, coders, and clinicians across the Bennett Institute and The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) with additional input from external collaborators.

Contributors to Date

In addition, many thanks to the websites listed below in the Other Resources section many of which we use to cross-check our data!

How can I help?

We are open to improving the Tracker, either in content or appearance, through collaboration with committed individuals with specific expertise. If you have time, knowledge, and an idea to improve a specific aspect of the project, please get in touch at [email protected]. See below for other specific opportunities to contribute.

Ways to contribute

The Github page for the project is located here. This includes our data cleaning notebook, normalisation and manual data collection files, and the website html files. Everything is available under open MIT Licensing.


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